Cabinet Committee Approved To Rename The CSS As CSP


Recently, the Cabinet Committee of Institutional Reforms approved the proposal to rename the CSS. So, now the CSS (Central Superior Services) has been renamed as CSP (Central Services of Pakistan). The purpose of this change is that CSS is not a proper name for the exam. 

So, various concerned authorities provided proposals and suggestions, and the committee approved their suggestions. Other than that, the Task Force of Institutional Reforms also recommended to include a separate cadre for doctors, engineers, and foreign postings. They also suggested the criteria for promotions and placements of officers in the future. Thus, the Cabinet Committee also approved that suggestion. 

However, to implement the suggestions, a ministerial panel also made a subcommittee. The Dep. Chairman of the Planning Commission (pc) will control the subcommittee.

Career Streams

The committee also asked the establishment division to make four career streams such as

  • Administrative
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technical

However, the division will keep updating the committee accordingly and complete the whole process within 03 months.

Pattern for Selection

Other than mentioned things, the committee also approved the selection pattern for commercial attaches/counsellors, foreign postings, and Foreign Training Facilities. However, the foreign missions will not be in foreign posting. 

At the same time, candidates will also get various opportunities for funded foreign training programs. The government will also provide HEC scholarships to civil officers training. 

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