Cambridge International Issues O-Levels And IGCSE Exams Result

According to the news, it is to inform all that Cambridge International has announced the O-levels exams result which was taken in November 2020. Students who anxiously wait for the result will now check the result of O-Level IGCSE. In more than 130 countries, around 175,000 students gave O-level exams and now Cambridge International declares the result. In a recent statement, they said that the result has been dispatched to almost 460 schools (government and semi-government) across the countries.

Due to COVID-19, Cambridge International university ordered students to conduct exams only on its globally international schools. They only take exams at that place where they feel safe and also advised to follow the government guidance. However, the Country Director of Pakistan, Dr. Uzma Yousaf said, “Not only students but also teachers vigorously adopted the new policy of learning. Added more, this all happen because of parents.  Children have got the courage to adopt this new learning version. Parents play a vital role to encourage their child to study and acquire knowledge for their better future”.

 How to get O-leveland IGCSE Result Online

  • The student will visit or contact their school 
  • The school will respond to send the result via E-mail

Also, students who took AS and A Level examinations in the November 2020 series received their results last week.

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