CheckList for E-Transfer on Compassionate Ground 2021

The government of the Punjab, School Education Department has already issued a Notification regarding the revised E-Transfer schedule on compassionate grounds and if you are eligible and selected in E-Transfer orders on different categories like mutual, Married, Divorce, Wedlock, etc.

We are sharing a checklist for those candidates are are selected in E-Transfer and required to submit following documents;

  1. Application Form
  2. Copy of CNIC
  3. For Wedlock Copy of Nikah Nama
  4. CNIC
  5. Domicile
  6. Service Certificate of Spouse
  7. For Disable, the Disable certificate
  8. For Divorce, the Nikah Nama and the Talaq Nama
  9. For Widow, the Nikah Nama and the husband’s death certificate.
  10. Copy Matric Certificate
  11. Domicile
  12. Salary Slip
  13. 1st order in Govt. Service and joining
  14. Current school Order and current post order and joining
  15. All Transfer order Relieving and joining

Note: All the above mentioned attested documents be submitted in hard form.

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