Checklist of Ex-Pakistan Leave Documents 2021

If you want to get Ex-Pakistan Leave then you must know what documents are required. Because the query related to the checklist of documents are always asked. So, now it is my effort to make it easier for you to create a file of concerned documents required to sanctioned Ex-Pakistan Leave.

Ex-Pakistan Leave Documents Checklist 2021

  • Name of Applicant
  • Cell/phone No.
  • Personal No.
  • CNIC No.
  • Application duly recommended by the Head of the institution with No. and Date.
  • Long leave application from duly recommended by the Head of the institution.
  • Original Service Book in case of Non Gazetted employee.
  • Original leave entitlement report dully issued by AG Punjab/DAO concerned only for Gazetted Officers.
  • Attested copy of CNIC.
  • Surety Bond on stamp paper dully attested by the notary public wherein showing to surety/witnesses with copies of CNIC.
  • Affidavit on stamp paper dully attested by the notary commissioner with the statement of applicant that she/he will come back within stipulated time.
  • No enquiry, No demand and No audit Para certificate dully issued by the Head of institution.
  • Security clearance certificate from special branch. (only for India)
  • Complete Attested Copy of Passport
  • Attested copy of Pay Slip
  • Flight Schedule (in case of Hajj & Umrah)
  • Copy of Visa

Note:-All photo copies should be attested by DDO.

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