Clarification Regarding Time Scale Promotion. Time Scale Promotion in BS-16 is Non-Gazetted

In reply to a query posed by the District Accounts Officer Faisalabad, the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a detailed clarification regarding time scale promotion on 26.03.2018 and has held that Time Scale Promotion from BS-15 to BS-16 is non-gazetted and the incumbent in BS-16 through time scale promotion cannot be termed as an officer. Details are as under:

1.Finance Department has issued the following circular letters:      i.        No.FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26.07.2017 regarding up-gradation of certain posts including Sub-Engineer from BS-11 to BS-14       ii.            No.FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26.07.2017 regarding time scale promotion to incumbents of all promotion / non promotion posts in BPS-5 to BPS-15In terms of notification No.FD.PC.40-80/215 dated 26.07.2017, the post of Sub Engineer has been up-graded from BS-11 to BS-14. In terms of notification No.FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/2008)(Provl.) dated 04.01.2016, all technical / non-technical employees holding posts from BS-5 to BS-16 which are isolated / stagnant (i.e., having no promotion prospects), and have 10 years’ service to their credit in the respective pay scale, were up-graded to next pay scale w.e.f. 01.01.2016 and further to next pay scales after earning each 10 years of service (Annex-A),. In supersession of letter dated 04.01.2016, time scale promotion to employees in BS-5 to BS-15 holding promotion / non-promotion posts, where none or only on time promotion on the entire service is prescribed in the rules, was allowed on satisfactory completion of each 10-years of service, as under vide notification No.FD.PC.40-80/2016 dated 26.07.2017.1) BS 5-10 3 steps2) BS 11-15 2 steps3) Auto CAD Operator (BS-12) 3 steps4) Data Entry Operator (BS-12)   3 steps5) Sanitarian (BS-9) 4 steps6) Surveyor (BS-11) 4 steps
2.A confusion has arisen as to which of the above circulars is to be implemented first or both will be implemented simultaneously. For illustration, the post of Sub-Engineer has been upgraded from BS-11 to BS-14, a Sub Engineer claims time scale promotion in BS-16.In case the pay of an employee is first fixed in time scale promotion, it will come to BS-13 (two steps) and thereafter this pay is fixed under up-gradation it will come to BS-15. In case the pay is fixed in upgraded post in the first instance it comes to BS-14, thereafter, by allowing him two steps promotion it will come to BS-16. This office may, therefore, kindly be favoured with a valuable advice as to which circular letter the pay of a Sub-Engineer may first be fixed.In terms of Finance Department’s notification No.FD.PC.40-80/2016 dated 26.07.2017, time scale promotion is admissible to employee in BS-5 to BS-15 holding promotion / non-promotion posts, where none or only one time promotion in the entire service is prescribed in the rules, on satisfactory completion of each 10-years of service to the extent indicated in sub-para (i) above.A sub-Engineer first gets promotion as Senior Sub-Engineer (BS-16) and then Assistant Engineer / Sub-Divisional Officer (BS-17). Hence, the policy of time scale promotion is not applicable in such cases. However, if none or only one time promotion in the entire service is prescribed in the rules in a specific case, such Sub-Engineer, after getting the benefit of up-gradation from BS-11 to BS-14  w.e.f. 26.07.2017 will have to wait for ten years in BS-14 in order to get the benefit of time scale promotion in BS-15 and further 10-years for BS-16.
3.In case the pay of a Sub-Engineer is fixed in BS-16 whether it will be gazetted or non-gazettedTime Scale promotion is considered as personal up-gradation. Hence, an official availing the benefit of time scale promotion in BS-16 cannot be declared as officer. However, such incumbents are entitled to pay and allowances as admissible to an officer of BS-16

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