Disparity Reduction Allowance 25% to NHA Islam Abad

A notification regarding Disparity Reduction Allowance 25% to the employees of NHA Islam Abad on 30th March 2021.

The detail in same is as under;

Chairman NHA has been pleased to approve Disparity Reduction Allowance 25% of the Basic Pay Scale 2017 w.e.f. 01st March 2021(frozen at the drawn on 1st March 2021) to the employees of Bs-01 to BS-19 granted by the Federal Government through the self-eplanatory office Memlrandum Bearing No.14(1)R-3/2021-90 dated 3d March 2021 subsequently received through MOC vide circular bearing No.14(1)/2020-Roads-1 dated 15th March 2021(copies enclosed).

All the concerned accounts sections are hereby directed to fix Disparity reduction Allowance @25% of the Basic Pay scale 2017 under the Accounts Head Code. w.e.f 01 March 2021 to the employees of BS-01 to BS-19 as admissible vide above referred O.M please.

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