Documents Required for Creation of OSD Post for Payment of Financial Assistance

Local Government and Community Development Department, Government of Punjab has issued detailed guidelines on 08.03.2019 regarding the creation of a post of OSD for payment of Financial Assistance to the family of the deceased government employee and has enumerated the documents required for processing. Details can be seen in the following notification.

  1. Attested copy Obituary Notification.
  2. Attested copy of CNIC of the and the family members in whose favour post is created.
  3. Attested copies of first and last pages of the Service Book In case of non-gazetted officers/officials
  4. Attested copy of Death Certificate.
  5. Attested list of family members duly issued by the local Government concerned would suffice the said purpose.
  6. Attested copy of last Salary Slip.
  7. The date of superannuation needs to calculated from the date of birth as mentioned in service Book in case of non-gazetted Officers (copies of service attested by the local government concerned).
  8. The date of superannuation needs to Calculated from the service period on the last salary slip in case of gazetted officers.
  9. in case of discrepancy in calculation of age of superannuation from the date of birth from CNIC and date of entry in service in service Book the date on service book will be taken for calculation of age of superannuation as Rule 7.3 (Note-I) of Punjab Financial Rule Volume-I.
  10. Finance Department has devised a’ list of family members to whom Financial Assistance may be disbursed. It includes all the family members as provided in Rule 4.10 of the Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules.
  11. The Of creation of post of shall be borne by the local government from its budget and same be mentioned while referring case to this Department.
  12. Attested copy of application Of the widow/widower/family members,
  13. Attested copy Of Succession Certificate duly Sued by Court Of Law.
  14. Attested copy Of FRC issued by NADRA.
  15. Copy Of the affidavit making it clear that applicant is legal heir Of family members.

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