Family Pension Form After Death of Employee

Family Pension form keeps much more importance whenever any Government employee died during availing pension. I am providing you pension form for the family of deceased employee. The form helps you to provide family pension in case of death of pensioner.

Family Pension Form 2021 – Filling Procedure

Family pension form is to be forwarded by the Appointing authority/PSA in the event of death of the pensioner. The subject of form is Grant of family pension in case of death of pensioner.

  1. Name of Deceased Employee
  2. Father Name of Employee
  3. Place of Residence
  4. Designation of Employee
  5. Pension Amount
  6. PPO/FPPO No
  7. Expired On / Death Certificate
  8. Net Pension
  9. Increases
  10. Total Pension
  11. Orderly Allowance
  12. Date of Birth
  13. Recoverable Amount
  14. Name of Bonafide Member for Family Pension and other details
  15. Bank Account No for Family Pension

Family Pension Form Download

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