Final Report regarding Payment of Honorarium to Staff / Petitioners of Double Shift Schools (Pilot Project)

Today,i.e.5-4-2021, a notification has been issued by SED PUNJAB in connection with the Final Report regrading Payment of Honorarium to Staff / Petitioners of Double Shift Schools (Pilot Project).

The detail of said notification in same is as under;

I am direct. to refer to the subject noted above and to enclose herewith a py of letter No. 1489/WRIT dated 02-04-2021 received from Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Kasur along with its enclosure containing a request that a sum of Rs. 41.25 Million maY Please be sanctioned.

It is submitted that the District Education Authority Kasur Double Shift Program was initiated in 121 schools The period of this scheme was 1 year. During a Personal hearing, it revealed that the process continued for more than 1 year period without payment of salary. The payment of this amount is to be made by the D. from account V as and when funds/ budget is available. The budget is not available now.

This was a court case. The government of the Punjab School Education Department observed in the year 2016 that a number of overcrowded schools were functioning in the urban areas in which sufficient land was not available for the construction of additional classrooms, Computer labs, Science labs. Further, there were no high schools for girls or boys in a number of Union Councils in Punjab. The department, therefore, considered it appropriate to start up-gradation in order to reduce. overcrowding through double shifting schools by utilization of the existing infrastructure. In this regard, the department started. Pilot Double Shift in the selected schools as per requirements and demands of the community.

The personal hearing was held on 28-09-2020 and a speaking order was issued. A Probe waS start. and a final repOrt regarding payment of honorarium to the staff of double shift was considered and the recommendations of the cOmmittee are at Annex-E of the ECO D. Kasur.

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