The Higher Education Commission HEC Islamabad has changed the policy for Ph.D. admissions in public and private universities in the country. Students will be able to seek admission directly to Ph.D. after completing a BS degree. Students will also be able to change their discipline for Ph.D., hence giving them to choose from a wide range of disciplines. 

The HEC has empowered universities to admit students pursuing BS Honors degrees directly into the Ph.D. The 12-page HEC policy document will take effect on January 1, 2021. The Ph.D. scholars will be required to stay in the country for a minimum of two years. Scholars will be required to complete Ph.D. degree in a maximum of 8 years. 
Under the new policy, the university will have to get official approval from the HEC to launch two Ph.D. programs a year. According to the new policy of Ph.D., students with BS Honors degree can do Ph.D. in any subject but for this, the concerned universities will have to formulate their own code.

According to the policy document, universities will have the option to maintain the requirement of M.Phil and MS for admissions in Ph.D.; however, the universities will have to get approval from the Academic Council.

Students seeking admission on the basis of a BS Honors degree will have to study additional subjects. A professor will be authorized to oversee the Ph.D. thesis of a maximum of five scholars. The HEC has set a minimum of three years and a maximum of eight years to complete a Ph.D. degree. However, universities will be allowed two years for a period of more than eight years. The HEC has made it clear that the maximum period for completing a Ph.D. degree is ten years.

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