HEC Ordered KP Universities To Launch Recruitment Scheme Without Pension Liability

On Wednesday, the Higher Education Commission ordered all Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Vice-Chancellors to revise the statutes, envisaging a recruitment scheme without zero pension liability for universities. The purpose of amending this scheme is to overcome financial assistance. The public sector KP universities mostly faced this issue. Due to the closure of all educational institutes, especially private ones, they face many problems like finding it hard even to pay salaries and pensions to their employees, timely.

According to the notification issued by HEC KP, they abolished the medical allowance and paid at the provincial government rates. However, the other maintenance cost including repair, security, and other facilities costs will be covered by the employees. Other than that, pay scale delinked from Basic Pay Scale Scheme and ‘University Pay Scale” based on defined contribution pension schemes having no pension liability. They also provide fee structure and staff quotas of the schools

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