How To Apply For Tractors | PM Kamyab Kisan Program 2021

PM Kamyab Kisan Program

Recently, PM Imran Khan launched a new initiative for the Framers of Pakistan named the Kamyab Kisan Program. The government started this program under the loan program of the Youth Entrepreneur Scheme (YES Program). Thus, through this program, farmers can apply for the tractor.

Before this, the PM also started various initiatives under the Kmayab Jawan program. However, the aim is to provide all the opportunities to the youth so that they will be able to do something creative. Thus, the government announces various loans in different fields. 

The Kamyab Jawan Program aims to flourish the farmers with the latest technologies because farmers play an essential role in the country’s economy. 

How to Apply for the Kamyab Kisan Program

Interested candidates can apply for the Kamyab Kisan Program by visiting the Kamyab Jawab YES Program. Below is the complete procedure to apply.

  • Firstly, candidates have to open the YES Program application form. (
  • Then, fill the form according to the instructions.
  • After that, under the Category E (Step 5 on the form), you have to fill the form like this:
    • Industry category: Agriculture
    • Business Sector: Agriculture Machinery
    • Business Sub-Sector: Tractor
    • After that, complete the remaining page according to your requirements.
PM KAMYAAB Kisan Program
  • Complete the full application form having nine steps and then submit the applications.

List of Requirement Documents to Apply for Kamyab Jawan Loan Program:-

If applying for new business, applicants should attach attested and scanned copies of the following documents.

  • 1. Applicant’s apparent and visible Picture
  • 2. Computerized National Identity Card – Front and Back separately
  • 3. All Educational Degrees, upload degrees in series from highest to lowest
  • 4. Technical Education Degree, upload relevant to the business applied for
  • 5. Genuine Proof of Artisanship / Skilled Labor, if available
  • 6. Experience Certificates, preferably all
  • 7. Good to attach a license, if applicable, e.g. for commercial vehicles, medical stores etc. In case you have applied for the support, upload the receipt exhibiting the same.
  • 8. NTN and Latest Tax return, mandatory to get NTN issued before filing an application
  • 9. Also add reference/consumer Number of Electricity connection Installed at Residential address
  • 10. Business Feasibility / Estimates of actual/expected business revenues and expenses
  • 11. Describe your business in paragraph
  • 12. Any other source of income, e.g. foreign remittance, salary income, agriculture income etc.
  • 13. Add the registration number of any vehicle registered in your name or parents name in case of females.
  • 14. Two References CNICs attach as per YEs policy
  • 15. Entity Existence documents in case of Partnership / limited company and relevant approvals.

Additional Documents for Business to Apply for Kamyab Jawan Loan Program:-

  1. Mandatory to attach the attested copy of Latest Signed Financials
  2. Attested Recommendation Letter from Chamber / Trade Body / Union / Association
  3. Your Reference / Consumer Number of Electricity connection must Install at a business address
  4. Bank Account Statement or Bank Maintenance Certificate

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