How to Fill out PIFRA Registration Form to get Pay Slips online

Pifra Online Salary

As various governments step forward to introduce portals to make certain services more convenient and feasible for its citizens, the Government of Pakistan has also introduced a beneficial payroll program called Pifra for the larger part of its employees.

Before digging into how Pifra is useful for Pakistani employees, it is informative to uncover the term Pifra. Pifra stands for “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing” exclusively in Pakistan.

It is an ample initiative taken by the Government of Pakistan to improve the well-being of its employees.

What is most impressive about Pifra salary slip is that the employees no longer have to wait endlessly in queues, for they can get their monthly payment slips via email. Hence, the whole process of receiving payment slips become a time-saving process with the help of Pifra. Moreover, it becomes a quick and convenient process for the government employees.

From now on, there ought not to be any fuss about monthly payment slips because Pifra registration has made it easy and faster for you.

Pifra online program is the need of the hour in contemporary times. With the fast pacing world, where technology is ruling over everything, it becomes a necessity to move all necessary transactions to an electronic platform.

Why Pifra Online Program?

This is what the Government of Pakistan have done for its government employees. Pifra online program has made it easier and quicker for all people serving the government.

Getting your monthly pay slip via email is great because the outdated ways of going to a respective office or branch is now vanishing away. While your physical presence to receive your Pifra pay slip is already a thing of a past.

It does not only serve the government employees, but also tells us how certain technological advancements are being made to keep up with the fast pacing and digital world.

It is noteworthy to mention that Pifra is dedicated to transfer all the necessary data in a digital form to make the existing system more competent for the times to come.

Let’s find out how to get registered for Pifra:

Requirements for Pifra Registration:

Here we will explain all the things that are requisite to get yourself registered for Pifra monthly slips.

Pifra online pay slip program can be used by giving the following details.

  • Name (Must enter your complete name)
  • Personal CNIC number
  • Registered Mobile/Phone number
  • Your Province (e.g Punjab, Sindh, etc)
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address (Preferably a Gmail Account)
  • You must be a Pakistani National with a Government Employment
  • Government Level Scale
  • Government Code

Above mentioned details and all relevant documents are required for Pifra registration.

You must be thinking “Why Register?” It is because your Pifra monthly payslip will be received by you right in your mailbox. There won’t be any rush to take some time out to go to the office to receive your payslip.

With Pifra, the government is also at ease to know that each government employee will get their monthly pay slips right on time without any unwanted delay or error. This way, even the government gets to have record of all employees’ pay slips in the easiest manner possible.

This is how it is beneficial and convenient for both employees as well as the government.

How to Fill out PIFRA Registration Form?

Have all the relevant documents ready. Now it’s time to fill the registration form by yourself.

  • First, go to (you will be automatically redirected to for Pay Slip Registration.
PIFRA Redirect To FABS
  • Onc you are directed to, click on the “Services” tab on the top menu bar.
PIFRA Service Tab
Online Pension Slip
PIFRA Registration
  • On this page, you will see the full options with an online registration form that you need to fill out.
  • First, you need to enter the valid Government code. Example P for Punjab and K for KPK.
  • Then, add your Employee’s personnel number (your job number).
  • Lastly, you need to enter your CINC number.

List of Provinces Codes

Don’t know Government codes? Here is list of all provinces codes.

Provinces/RegionsPIFRA Code
District Government
Gilgit BatltistanGB
Kashmir CouncilK
District Government KPKDGN

Pifra Pay Slip:

How to get the Pifra pay slip? In order to get your Pifra pay slip, go to the website

On the above-mentioned website, you will find the Pifra registration form. You must download the form, fill in all the details accurately and submit it online.

The moment you are done with online registration form, you will start receiving your monthly payment slips in your email.

With time, there have been developments in the Pifra online program. For instance, the website is now moved to a new name

All your financial details can be accessed by visiting this above-mentioned official website of Pifra. By providing a few personal details, you are good to go with a once time-consuming task.

  • Make sure that you keep checking your mailbox, especially your spam box to confirm the availability of your pay slip.
  • Because of any error in the system, your monthly pay slip might land in your spam folder.
  • This is why be vigilant to keep checking your mails thoroughly.
  • If in any case, you don’t receive your Pifra monthly pay slip after waiting for a significant amount of time, make sure that you contact Pifra and ask for your pay slip.

Getting PIFRA’s Salary Slip Online Every Month

Getting a Salary slip online is easy by registering yourself with PIFRA. If you are already registered then it’s all good, and you will get the slip in your mailbox at the end or initial days of the month.

You need to regularly check your email and Gmail account that is associated with the PIFRA, download your payment slip, and print it too to it to keep in the record or to show where it’s needed.

Check Payslip in Gmail

Still, having an issue and not getting a slip in your mailbox? Just make sure that you have entered the correct details while creating an account with PIFRA.


You can also email the PIFRA support at and wait for a few days (24 to 48hours) to get a response from the Government representative with a detailed explanation about your account issue.

PIFRA Support

In case you didn’t get a reply from the Government officers that you can directly call to PIFRA’s support center by dialing +92- 51-9107248

Step by Step Guide to Pifra Registration Form:

Keep all your necessary documents ready before filling the Pifra registration form.

  • Once you go to, you will automatically be directed to for Pifra pay slip registration
  • Click on the “Services” tab on the menu bar
  • Select by clicking on “Online Salary Slip or Pension Slip”
  • After selecting the above-mentioned option, you will be further redirected to, where you will find the registration form
  • Enter the valid Government code on the registration form
  •  For instance, GB for Gilgit Baltistan, DGP for District Govt Punjab, etc
  • Afterwards, enter your personal personnel number which is your job number
  • Add your CNIC number (It must be valid and updated CNIC number from NADRA)
  • Add your DOB as it is mentioned in your CNIC. The accurate format to add your date of birth is DD/MM/YY
  • Enter your registered phone number
  • Lastly, click the “submit” button and you will be required to follow the next step

Note: Read the above mentioned details twice or thrice to better understand the online registration form

To set up your Pifra salary slip account, you only need to add the above given details. No technical knowledge is required, it is an easy process. Make sure that you don’t panic and fill all the boxes accurately.

Also, keep in mind that it is not your personal account where you can keep updating your profile, it is strictly your Pifra pay slip account.


Once you have filled in your details, know that all your details are saved with Pifra. You will shortly receive a message that you have entered all the required information and you will be asked to verify your given information.

Click on the mentioned link in the message and enter your email address (must be a Gmail). Click the enter button, when you are done entering your email address twice for confirmation.

When you will be asked to click on the submit button, click it right away and you will get registered successfully. Now you will get your Pifra monthly pay slip right in your email box within the convenience of your house.

In order to confirm whether or not you have successfully registered, go to the main page and enter the above mentioned details again; soon you will be notified that you are already registered.

Keep on checking your mailbox or put your Gmail account notifications visible so that every time you get an email, you are instantly notified on your phone through a notification. This way, you will not miss on any update on your Pifra salary slip.

If after registration, you are still not receiving your pay slip, make sure to compose and send an email to Pifra support at In a day or two, you will get a response from a government representative that will solve all your queries with a detailed response.

Moreover, you can also directly contact Pifra by calling on (051) 9107248 or (051) 9107209. 

Pifra Outreach:

Pifra’s credibility and convenient process can be analyzed through its wide spreading outreach all over Pakistan. For instance, the Government of Punjab has also started taking benefit from the Pifra services for the online income slip.

You can register with the website of the Government of Punjab to receive your monthly earning slip right in your mailbox.

Along with Punjab and Federal government, Sindh government has also introduced the system to provide online pay slips. In order to get yours, you must get yourself registered with the website of Sindh government by filling out the registration form accurately.

Pifra DDO Budget:

While Pifra stands for “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing”, DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

DDO was initially a project of Accountant General Pakistan Revenues but it was later on moved under FABS – Financial Accounting and Budgeting System. In order to facilitate government employees efficiently, all the services related to account and finance is to be put under one umbrella. Thereby, FABS comes into play.

DDO provides a code to each department or sector that helps in Pifra budget. Every DDO officer have a certain code of 6 characters which they can use to access the Pifra website and make their budget according to their particular needs.

The department code and employee code number make the DDO code. The DDO code also helps in managing the upcoming budget announcements.

Consequentially, along with the Pifra pay slip and Pifra DDO, Pifra facilitates the government employees with Pifra vendor details, bill summary, full report, budget reports, and bill payments. All of it right in your mailbox through Pifra.

PIFRA Project Details:

Thus, you have to be wondering exactly what I want to do to get started? What files are required? Continue reading. We’ve written this manual to assist you with complete info on PIFRA’s online registration process and provide you with step-by-step info.

The PIFRA program will help all of the govt servants such as educators, medical officers, faculty’s personnel, office clerks, school officials, and others can get their payment slide directly in their mailbox each month.

PIFRA Contact Number

What’s more? If you still having any issue regarding account creation or having a problem with getting your payroll slip, you can get in touch with PIFRA at any time. Feel free to call them or send them an Email stating all the details about your issue.

Go with either way, that’s convenient for you. But a phone call is the fastest mode of communication, because you will get instant support, and don’t have to wait for an email’s response which may take 1 to 2 days.

Email Address:

Phone Number: 051-9107248

Timing: Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm

Register Form: Visit Here to fill the form online.

Address: ABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad.


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