How To Get Arms License in Pakistan 2021

How to get Arms License in Pakistan 2021?Here you can get info ,complete process with the most updated and simplest method then you should understand the new policy regarding issuing of license. Now, it is so easy to get arms license just after the following of simplest steps given below for the processing;

Documents Checklist For Arms License:

  • Arms License Form
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Required Separate File For Complete Documents
  • Character Verification Certificate
  • Post Tickets of Rs. 2000

Concerned Offices:

  1. Katchery office [Stamp Dealer]
  2. Police Station (Nearest)
  3. Deputy Commissioner Office
  4. Post Office
  5. Arms License Branch DC Office
How To Get Arms License in Pakistan 2021

How To Get Arms License in Pakistan 2021 [Step By Step Procedure]

I am providing the easy and short detailed steps for easy understand Urdu infographics which are really helpful for everyone to follow the applying method for arms license;

Step-1). First of all, You have to visit Kachery Office and meet with any stamp dealer to get Arms License Form.

How To Apply For Arms License

Step-2). Attach the copy of CNIC with the license form.

Attach CNIC with arms license form

Step-3). Prepare the Complete File for your all the documents required with application form from the Stamp Dealer.

Prepare the Complete File for arms license

Step-4). Get Character Verification Certificate (CVC) From concerned Police Station.

Get Character Verification Certificate from police station

Step-5). Visit Deputy Commissioner Office for interview 

Visit Deputy Commissioner Office for interview 

Step-6)Fill the Arms License Form according to the orders given by DC Office

Fill the Arms License Form

Step-7). Visit nearest Post Office for post tickets of Rs. 2000 and attach with form

Visit nearest Post Office for post tickets of Rs. 2000

Step-8). In the end, Submit your complete Arms License Form at Arms License Branch DC Office

Submit Arms License Form at Arms License Branch DC Office

Step-9). After all the processing, Your computerized arms license will be received within one month.

Arms License Received Within One Month

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