Increase in Honorarium to Hired Staff Higher Education KP 2021

A Notification has been issued on 06-04-2021 vide No.SO (B&A)/HED/4-1/Pupil Fund/2021 by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department in connection with Increase in Honorarium to Hired Staff Higher Education KP.

The detail of said notification in same is as under:

Increase in Honorarium to Hired Staff Higher Education KP

NO.SO (B&A)/HED/4-1/Pupil Fund/2021 In exercise of the power’s conferred under the Pupils’ Fund Rules-2017, Chapter-II  rule-4, sub-para XV, of Government Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Competent Authority is pleased to approve the following amendments in Chapter-III, rule-7, Para-26, sub-rule (a,b,c, and d) with the addition of sub-rule” a”

S. No.Chapter-III, Rule-7, Para-26ActivityExisting Rates in Rs.Proposed Rates in Rs.
1.Sub-Rule-aHeroraruium to the hired staff of BS/AD/Conventional System@ 28,000/- per month@ 36,000/- per month
2. Sub-Rule-bHeroraruium to the regular teaching facultyNil@ 3,00/- per credit hour per  month

Note: If regular teaching faculty is not available or overloaded at the college, hiring of teaching faculty is allowed through a three-member committee at the college for 01,02, 03 course(s) at the rate mentioned in Sub Rule-b from open market for BS or AD program.

3.Sub-Rule-cHeroraruium to Clkerical/Lab Assisatnt/Worder/ Pesh-e-Imam/Driver@ 17,500/- per month@ 20,000 per month
4.Sub-Rule-dHeroraruium to Class-IV@ 14,000/- per month@ 17,500/- per month
5.Sub-Rule-eHeroraruium to Secuirty Guard@ 14,000/- per month@ 17,500/- per month

The above-mentioned amendments in Pupil’s Fund rules-2017 shall come into force with retrospective effect from Fall Semester-2020 for BS hired and regular faculty and for Associate Degree/Conventional System/Clerical/Lab. Assistant/Warderr/Pesh-e-Imam/Driver, with immediate effect in the best public interest.

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