Luck Cement offers scholarships to the students enrolled in the first year of the undergraduate degree programs. The scholarships are specific to the district Lakki Marwat students. Those who have obtained a minimum of 70% marks in the HSSC exams may apply.

Lucky Cement Scholarship 2021 Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must hold the domicile of District Lakki Marwat and should be a permanent resident of the District.
  • Immediate family members of Lucky Cement employees cannot apply for the Scholarship Program.
  • Scholarships will be offered to students on the basis of their grades and financial background.
  • The scholarship will be awarded only to the Students who have already secured admission and are studying in the first year of undergraduate degree programs:

Guidelines for Students for Lucky Cement Scholarship 2021

  • Students applying for scholarships should provide their original documents/verified photocopies to support their application.
  • Concealment of any fact or providing any false information related to the application can result in a complete refusal.
  • Lucky Cement does not reimburse students for their educational expenses other than just tuition fees.
  • Lucky Cement reserves the right to accept or reject any application without giving any reason.
  • Lucky Cement requires at least 4 weeks of processing time for any application.
  • Lucky Cement only provide assistance in Tuition expenses, the applicant has to arrange funds for all other related expense.

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