Meeting regarding Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance 25%

Govt. of Punjab Finance Department issued a notification on 30th March 2021 regarding Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance 25%.

The detail of said notification in same is as under;

Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 Punjab

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to intimate that the Competent Authority / Chief Minister, Punjab has been pleased to constitute to Ministerial Committee (Annex-A) for a holistic review for reduction of disparities in the pay of employees of Punjab, government, and submit recommendations to the Provincial Cabinet to address the issue in a fiscally sustainable manner.

  1. I am further directed to state that the subject meeting is scheduled to be held on 31.03.2021 (Wednesday) at 12:30 PM under the Chairmanship of Mr. Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht, Minister of Finance / Convener of the Committee in the Committee Room of Chief Minister Office, 8-Club, GOR-I, Lahore.
  2. Then term & Reference (TORs) of the Committee are as under:
  • Comprehensive mapping of the government servants in BS 1-22, who are drawing any special allowance(s) other than regular allowances.
  • Examining any distortion/disparity in Pay and Allowances of the government servants working in various organizations/entities of the Punjab Government, with reference to recently approved Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA) by then Federal Government.
  • Determine the financial impact of Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA) for the forthcoming budget.
  • The Committee may involve stakeholders in the consultative process before reaching any recommendations.
  • It is, therefore, requested to please make it convenient to attend the said meeting on the given date, time, and venue

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