Mirpur University of Science and Technology announces HEC Need-based scholarships. Applications are invited for the award of HEC- Need-Based Scholarship and the award of MUST-Need Based Scholarship from the students admitted in B.S. Program for the Academic Session 2020-24/25against the Subsidized Category.

The scholarship shall be awarded to those students who are financially challenged/ impoverished and can prove with documentary evidence that their parents/ Guardians cannot pay their educational expenditures. The final selection of a student shall be made by the Institutional Scholarships Award Committee (!SAC) followed by the recommendations of the relevant Head of Department Faculty.

MUST and HEC Need-based scholarship Features

The HEC-Need-based scholarship is awarded for the full duration of the study program (4-5years) and MUST-NBS shall be awarded as one time grant for the academic year 2020-21.

The component or HEC-NBS shall be Refund/Waiver of Tuition Fe and payment of stipend @Rs. 6000/­ per month. The component of MUST-NBS shall be @ Rs. 18000/- for one Academic Year 2020-21.

Scholarship p shall be awarded on a need basis on the Information/data submitted by the student and scrutinized/verified by the relevant department/SAC. Provision of false information and fake evidence shall lead to cancellation of admission/ scholarship at any stage.

HEC-Need Based Scholarship awardee(s) shall not be entitled to any other financial assistance/ scholarship/stipend during a course of study.

How to Apply for MUST and HEC Need-based scholarship

  • The Application Form can be downloaded from the HEC/University website by depositing prescribed fee @ Rs. 300/ in HBL.
  • The last date for submission of the application to the HoD office is 31 January 2021.
  • No application shall be entertained after due date. The HBL original Challan must be attached with the Application Form.
  • For detail please visit HEC/MUST website and consult Focal Person before submitting application.

Please feel free to contact your departmental Focal Person and SAC office:

Dr. Nasirn Akhter

Director (SAC)

Phone: 05827

Must And Hec Need Based Scholarships

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