NADRA Extends Deadline For Entry of B-form Registration 2021

Program Monitoring & Implementation Unit, Punjab Education Sector Reform Program, Government of Punjab has issued the official notification letter on 1st February 2021 regarding NADRA extends deadline for entry of B-form registration 2021.

NADRA B-Form Registration New Deadline 2021

Kindly refer to our letter NO. MA/PESRP/ASC/2019-20981 dated 03.12.2020 on the subject cited above with the information about the deadline (i.e. 31st January 2021) for B-form entry in School Information System (SIS).

Earlier, Due to the pandemic, the deadline for B-form entry was extended till 31st January 2021 to facilitate students and families and up till now in Punjab, 86% B-form numbers of students have been entered in School Information System.

Therefore, to ensure 100% entry; it has been decided for a new deadline till 28th February 2021 to facilitate remaining students as in future every student benefit programs for students will be based on student’s data with B-forms. Necessary action may be taken, please.

NADRA Extends Deadline For Entry of B-Form 2021

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