NOC For Govt Employee’s Passport Documents Checklist 2021

Government employees of Pakistan cannot apply for a passport without the prior permission of his/her official department. If you are serious to make your passport fast and legally then you must apply for the NOC (No objection certification) for departmental permission. Now, you should know about what are the documents required for a passport. We are providing here the NOC For Passport checklist 2021 for those servants who really do not know how many documents are required to apply for departmental permission.

NOC for Passport Checklist 2021

  1. Application on White Paper (Enter especially Applicant Name, Cell No., Personnel No. & CNIC No.)
  2. Attested Copy of CNIC
  3. Attested Copy of Computerized Pay Slip
  4. Attested copy of First Appointment Letter
  5. Attested copy of Regular Order
  6. Copy of advertisement for admission
  7. Affidavit (Stamped Paper) for preparing of passport
  8. Prescribed Performa/Memorandum for Pass Port (in case of NOC for passport)
  9. Complete Attested Copy of Passport (If any)

Note: All the photo copies of documents should be attested by DDO.

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