A notification has been issued on 19-05-2021 in connection with the correction /amendment in the E-Transfer System by the Directorate of Public Instruction(EE) Punjab Lahore. The detail of said notification in same is as under;


Apropose to the Subject

2.It is submitted tha it has come to notice through queries raised by the teachers that following problems were still exist in e transfer during last e transfer phase .

  • Heads of Elementary Schools, SSTs may be allowed to apply in other E/S of H/S as per vacancy positions.
  • SST science and SST Maths can apply against the post of SST Science, their nomenclature may also be decided.
  • Assigning of Grade and subject of SS and SSS need amendments in HSS.
  • Methods for Selection of Principal and SS/SSS in QAEDs PD
  • SST (CS) and EST (CS) may allow applying for e Transfers.
  • PET /Arabic/Drawing teachers as per set criteria by SED may allow to apply for e transfers. They are single teachers can not apply in the present scenario as Open merit
  • Single teachers or two teachers may be allowed to apply for e transfer and SED may plan to adjust another teacher from nearby overstaffed schools.
  • A number of ESE. SESE and SSE have been regularized but their nomenclatures as PTC. EST and SST have not been updated due to no option is available with authorities.
  • The teachers having more than 03 years of service as a single teacher in far-flung areas should have the right to apply for e transfer in nearby schools Resultant vacant posts should be filled from nearby overstaffed schools.
  • ACOs to be included in e Transfers incoming round.
  • The teachers who were transferred on administrative grounds from overstaffed schools to under staff schools may also be allowed to make corrections in make in their data.

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