Notification of Dress Code For Punjab Govt Officers 2021

Government of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department has issued the official notification on 26th January, 2021 regarding observance of dress code by officers of Punjab Govt.

Dress Code For Punjab Govt Officers 2021

I am directed to state that the Officers of the Government Of the Punjab are required to adopt appropriate dress code during Office hours and while appearing before the Courts of Law. In this regard Officers are required to be mindful to maintain officer — like demeanor and grace which reflects propriety and decency in consonance with their professional roles.

I am further directed to state that all male officers working under your administrative control may be instructed to observe proper dress code i.e. lounge suit / Smart casual with dosed collar shirt and tie or shalwar kameez with waistcoat along with appropriate footwear. In case of female officers, the dress code should be in line with Office decorum and norms while being reflective of the formal nature of official duties.

These instructions may be implemented, with immediate effect and be disseminated to all subordinate offices, attached departments and autonomous bodies.

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