Notification of Impact of B-form Registration on Enrollment Drive 2021

The notification of impact of B-Form registration on enrollment drive 2021 is officially issued on 5th March, 2021 by the Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIUSchool Education Department. The more details of the letter is given below;

What will be the Impact of B-form Registration on Enrollment Drive 2021

It has been observed during the review of Enrollment Drive 2021 and reported too by some independent sources that admissions in public schools are discouraged for those children who do not have a valid B-form. The Schools Headteachers or teachers have no legal authority to refuse admission of children into public schools due to the nonavailability production of B-form.

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The Enrolment Drive 2021 and submission/entry of B-forms in SIS should be handled as two separate matters. School Education Department is mandated to possible free and compulsory education to all children.

With the approval of the competent authority students’ B-form submission date is extended till March 31st 2021. Further, necessary action may kindly be taken accordingly. All new enrollments in SIS be entered continuously.

Notification of Impact of B-Form Registration on Enrollment Drive 2021

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