A notification has been issued on 08-04-2021 by Directorate of Public Instructions (E.E) Punjab Lahore in connection with IN-SERVICE PROMOTION OF PST, EST 2021.

The detail of said notification in same is as under;

While examining the detail and data regarding A service promotion as EST and SST of your district available at SIS, it has been observed that numbers of posts such categories are available vacant in the district. It reveals that despite the availability of promotion quota posts, the promotion of these teachers is pending at your end.

A number of complaints have also bccn received in this Directorate from different corners that in the districts promotion cases are not being given due attention and lying pending for long.

The detail of available vacant posts of promotion quota downloaded from SIS is available overleaf.

You are directed to explain your position and reason as to why necessary steps for award of promotion as EST and SST have not been taken by you despite availability of post in said categories.

This shows negligence. and slackness at your end please expedite the matter of promotion under the rules of policy and submit your reply regarding non-observance of promotion in due course of time.

Moreover, the detail of the last DPC conducted d award of promotion as EST std SST may also IIlptytd throw documents/evidence.


  1. I am appointed as EST in1995 and now i am waiting for my promotion as SST in my 26th years of service

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