Notification of Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant (Ministerial Staff)

A Notification of Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant (Ministerial Staff) has been issued on 25-03-2021. The Department has granted the sanction non-teaching posts (Grade wise, BPS-07, BPS-10, BPS-14 & BPS-16) under existing four-tier formula 3 (BS-16), 19 (BS-14), 36 (BS-10), and 42 (BS-07 of college wing lecturer assistants (Ministerial Posts) (Male & Female) in Higher Education Department during the current financial year 2020-2021.

Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant

Will the Section Officer (PC), Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, kindly refer to his UO.No.FD-PC-45-2/2003 dated 17.04.2017, on the subject cited above.

  • I am directed to intimate that this department has re-examined/ calculated the total 3237 existing sanctioned non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (Ministerial posts) in general cadre (Male & Female) grade-wise which has become 3237 instead of 2432. The requisite sanctioned orders of leftover/ newly created 805 non-teaching (lecture Assistants) posts of different colleges (Male & Female) in Punjab are hereby forwarded to your good office
(Existing approved fixation in 2017)
Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)
(Vacancies as per Establishment Notifications read with re-fixation)
Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)

(To be fixed vacancies as per existing 4-tier formula)

Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)
  • It is also initiated that 805 non-teaching posts created in 210 leftover and newly established colleges from 2017 to 2020 have been included in the aforementioned posts.
  • In order to follow the provision of the existing 4-tier service structure formula of college Lecture Assistants (Male & Female), it is required that grade-wise distribution of total sanctioned strength of 3237 non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (Ministerial Posts) In higher Education Department may be revised.
  • It is, therefore, requested that total sanctioned strength of non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (3237) in the Higher Education Department (College Wing) during the current financial year 2020-21 may be revised as per provisions of the existing 4-tier formula in vogue.

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