Notification regarding Renewal of House Requisition Agreement 2020

Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) issued Notification on 16-10-2020 regarding the Renewal of House Requisition Agreement. The details of the said notification same are as under:

The position conveyed vide letter referred above they have considered. And apprise that as per policy instructions issued by Ministry with the approval of Secretary/ Chairman Railways (BPS-01 to BPS-22) officers/officials of Railways are eligible to avail the hiring facility at six specified stations namely, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta as per their entitlement with condition that hired house shall be allotted at the placed/station of posting of the employee.

            In view of the above the request of the officer regarding extension in house requisition at Lahore whereas he is posted at Karachi not covered under the policy instructions issued by this Ministry & Ministry of Housing & Works.

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