Pairing scheme of 9th and 10th class 2021 English

pairing scheme of 9th & 10th class english 2021

Here is big and good news for the students of 9th and 10th class. Sahiwal board (bise Sahiwal) has announced the English pairing scheme of 9th class 2021 and English pairing scheme of 10th class 2021 according to ALP (accelerated learning program) which issued PCTB.  Those students who find the pairing scheme of board exams 2021 especially English can visit the website of bise Sahiwal.

pairing scheme of 9th & 10th class english 2021

Sahiwal board also issue the model of the paper of English according to ALP or smart syllabus of English. According to that paper and notice of Sahiwal board the English paper of 9th class and 10th class consist of two portions.

1-  Objective paper

2-  Subjective paper

QNo.1   Objective paper further consists of 4 portions and only one question.


That portion will be taken from grammar & composition (use of verb) from page 163 to 168.

Note: this component is not mentioned in the ALP smart syllabus of English, but it is part of board exam 2021.


The question in this part will be taken from the textbook according to units with exercise according to the smart syllabus of 9th class.

C      Correct meaning

Item in this portion taken from English book and parts of exercise which is mentioned in the ALP syllabus.

 D    correct option according to grammar

Item selected from the part of the exercise and those units which are mentioned in ALP.

The subjective paper of English 9th the class consists of eight questions according to previous papers of English in board exams, but the syllabus is according to the ALP issued by the PTCB.

 QNo.2   Short answer to any five questions given below in the paper. This portion consists of a total of eight. For students, it is compulsory to give any five answers to the following question. Question will be selected from the exercise of chapter or unit mentioned in the alp smart syllabus.

QNo.3   Translate the paragraph into Urdu.

The text of all unit which includes in ALP smart syllabus selection will be made from it.

QNo.4 summaries of the following poem according to ALP which is mentioned in smart syllabus.

QNo.5   write phrases or words and idioms. All the students can get the guide from the helping book for this question like the sunshine of English pilot of English only that idioms are part of the paper which mentioned in the smart syllabus of English.

QNo.6    write a story or letter. you have the option either you write a story or letter which approved in the smart syllabus if you have not smart syllabus of English please contact your English teacher.

QNo.7   Read the passage and answer carefully. This portion or question is very easy because all the answer to that question gives in the paper. Only that paragraph or passage includes what is mentioned in the smart syllabus according to the ALP of English composition.

QNo.8   Translate sentence into English. The translation of Urdu sentences from English book also unit of the book exercise also included and composition book according to vail alp.

QNo.9   last question passive voice of sentences. Grammar and composition book of English PTCB.

NOTE: I just explain the 9th class English paper. If you want to download the model paper of English 10th class also 9th a class which is issued on the website of the Sahiwal board, please click below on the download button.


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