25% Pay Increase Chart & MS Excel Salary Calculator 2021 for Pakistan Employees

MS Excel Salary Calculator 2021 has updated for Pakistan Employees. So, all government employees will get benefit from this calculator in the future. As you know that the government of Pakistan has announced a DRA of @25%. Therefore, our team has made a new calculator in this regard.

However, we are sharing guidelines to download and usage of this payment calculator. I have prepared this calculator in MS Excel. So, I have used different formulas for this calculation. Therefore, it has made an easy calculation of salary for employees here.

MS Excel Salary Calculator 2021 for Pakistan Employees

In addition, the disparity reduction allowance included in the salary from 1st March 2021. Now all employees will get new salary in the next month inshallah. Therefore, it was the duty of our team to make it easy for employees.

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How to use this Calculator?

Firstly, you will download this from the given link here on this page below. After downloading, you will fill three fields only.

  1. Net Pay of February 2021
  2. Basic pay of same month from salary slip
  3. Personal allowance (if admissible)

After filling the above three fields you will get a 25 pc DRA amount. Similarly, this calculation will give you the total net pay of the month after the increase of pay.

Download Full Salary Calculator in Excel Sheet

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