PM Kamyab Jawan Startup Pakistan Program | Detailed Information

Startup Pakistan Program is one of the appreciating initiatives of the Pakistan PM Imran Khan. This program comes under the Flagship of Kamyab Jawan Program. Through this Startup program, the government aims to launch 10,000 startups by 2023. Under this initiative, the government wants to create a national startup ecosystem through which 01 Million young trainers will get entrepreneurship training. 

Why Startup is necessary in Pakistan

Here are some reasons due to which startups are necessary in Pakistan. So, under these circumstances, the PM decided to launch the Startup Pakistan Program.

  • One of the basic needs of startups in Pakistan is that about 1.7 million jobs are required per year.
  • Startups help in creating more jobs.
  • Through the startups, a country’s economic needs fulfil and help in the growth of the country.
  • Help in opening a new market
  • Increase the direct local impact
  • Create advancement in technology
  • Boost the production of goods and services

Objectives of Startup Pakistan Program

The government has the following significant goals that they want to achieve through this Startup Pakistan program.

  • Change the culture
  • Promote the entrepreneurship culture as a career among the students of different fields.
  • Also, engage the overseas Pakistanis to monitor the next generation.
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Provide entrepreneurial training of 200,000 students per year to achieve the aim of 10,000 jobs by 2023.
  • Use the digital platform for efficiency and effectiveness of training.
  • Finance streamlining 
  • Put all the funding sources of startups into a single streamline.
  • Connect the funding portal with multiple sources for transparent ways 

Initiatives of Startup Pakistan Program

Under the Startup Pakistan Program, some other initiatives are following.

  • National Startup Showcase
  • Empower Pakistan
  • Acceleration Programs
  • Prime Minister Innovative League

However, to get further details about the Startup program, keep visiting us. We will update you will the latest news, registrations, and other related things about the program accordingly.

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