PMC To Launch Online System To Facilitate Medical Graduates And Practitioners

It is to inform all that the Punjab Medical Commission PMC brings an excellent opportunity for Medical Graduates and Practitioners. As per details, the Punjab Medical Commission launched an online system for the ease of candidates. They introduce a new policy to submit online application forms for license renewal and other services. Now there is no need to visit various departments without visiting the commission office. According to the details, PMC is going to launch an online system in March 2021. However, licensed practitioners have to create the digital profile by fulfilling the mentioned requirements. The automated verification is done for license renewal through the biometric method. Through this process, the PMC will provide license immediately to the practitioners. However, it will also secure the data of candidates in their database. 

Policy For Licensed Doctors

The Pakistan medical commission has also approved the policy for the doctors who were not practicing or were based outside Pakistan to notify the commission regarding their practicing status. Furthermore, the committee has also approved the decision of the disciplinary committee regarding the fines, invalid licenses, and suspending licenses on account of negligence. The major and the minor penalties will also be imposed to warn the practitioners in the case of violation of the code of ethics. The council has also taken the notice of the foreign medical graduates so that they can start their house job in Pakistan. 

Provisional License

As per the policy, the students who had graduated before January 2021 from the foreign college will be processed for licensing with the requirements and they have to show the license eligibility of the country from which they are graduated, or otherwise they have to qualify NLE. After qualifying for the NLE they will be given the provisional license and they can complete the house job in Pakistan and afterward they would be granted the full license. In case the candidate fails to quality NLE the license of the candidates will be suspended until they qualify for the test. 

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