Educational Institutions all over the country are closed due to coronavirus. Now it is suggested to reopen the schools from January 25 in phases. However, the final decision will be taken on Monday at the interprovincial education minister’s conference.

Federal Government has prepared a proposal to open educational institutions across the country in three phases and this time in the first phase. It is proposed to open primary schools across the country. Any decision on the proposal will be taken at the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers’ Conference on Monday, January 4, which will be chaired by Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood and attended by education ministers from all four provinces.

The decision to reopen educational institutions in all four provinces of the country will be taken on the basis of health advisory, keeping in view the cases. In this regard, it has been suggested to open public and private primary schools across the country from January 25, while in the second phase, middle / secondary schools should be opened from February 4 and in the third phase higher middle / secondary schools will be opened.

The proposal to open a primary school in the first phase is under consideration because, according to the data received, the country has the lowest number of children affected by covid and the number of covid minor children. In addition, according to the agenda set for the meeting to be held on January 4, it is proposed to start examinations at the level of schools and boards across the country from the end of May or early June, before the completion of academic course work. Similarly, the duration of summer vacations will be reduced and the new academic year will start from August 2021.

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