Shafqat Mahmood Tweet About The Online Exam Of Universities

Online Exam of Universities

On Monday, 25 January 2021, the Federal Education Minister tweeted about the online exams in universities. In his statements, he asked that some universities’ students demanded online exams. Students said that institutes must take online exams as they have been studying online.

On this, various students staged protests against universities and demanded online exams. Thus, after all these situations, Shafqat Mahmood stated that universities are independent to make their decisions regarding exams. However, he also asked HEC to contact VCs and review any special circumstances this year if possible.

Instructions about Online exams

After that, Shafqat Mahmood also stated that universities must ensure that they have technical facilities for online exams. For online exams, universities have to take all students under consideration that no one is left behind. 

Other than that, he also instructed that they can not use online exams for easy grades. Thus, examiners must prepare good and standard questions for the online exams.

Thus, now it’s upon the universities that they decided about the mode of exams. Please keep visiting our website for all related updates. 

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