Superannuation Pension Documents Checklist 2021

If you are a Government employee and got superannuation retirement. So it is of utmost importance to you what kind of documents are required to prepare the file. We are providing you then your Superannuation Pension Documents Checklist 2021.

Checklist for Superannuation Pension 2021

  1. Application duly singed by applicant and recommended by DDO with No. & Date.
  2. Attested copy of CNIC of Applicant.
  3. Printed Pension Papers with form B-I (in case of superannuation/pre-mature retirement.)
  4. Printed Pension Papers with from B-IV (in case of compulsory/Invalidation retirement.).
  5. Retirement Notification duly attested by DDO.
  6. Attested copy of computerized pay slip
  7. Undertaking on stamp paper for recovery of any payment.
  8. No enquiry, No demand, No audit Para certificate issued by DDO with Dispatch No. & Date according to the stay as per Service Statement.
  9. Option form for Direct Credit of pension through Bank account dully verified by the concerned bank.
  10. Indemnity Bond on stamp paper.
  11. NDC issued by the rent controller branch S & GAD, Lahore (BPS 16-20)
  12. Service Statement (BPS 16-20)
  13. Last Pay Certificate issued by DDO.
  14. Attested copy of service book by DDO.
  15. 1st appointment order
  16. 2nd appointment/transfer order/Promotion Orders
  17. All CM packages/selection grade orders
  18. Attested copy of SSC Certificate
  19. Audit Report, Last DAC Report & Internal audit report only
  20. Invalidation Certificate. (In case of Medical Ground)
  21. Original Service Book.

Note: All photo copies should be attested by DDO.

BS-11 to 17 (3-set required).

BS-18 to 20 (5-Set required).

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