Transfer/Posting of Ministerial Cadre Posts – Ministerial Staff Transfer Authority

The government of the Punjab, School Education Department has already issued a Notification on 22-01-2020 regarding Ministerial Staff Transfer Authority.  The details are as under:

Ministerial Staff Transfer Authority SED Punjab

  1. I am further directed to state that this department has already adopted an on-line transfer system for transfers/postings of teaching cadre posts and powers already delegated under Transfers Policy 2013 to District and Divisional officers regarding transfer to teaching posts were withdrawn vide letter dated 08.10.2019 however, the transfer/postings of ministerial cadre posts / AEOs have not yet been made online.
  2. Chief Minister, Punjab has been pleased to approve that officers authorized for making transfer/posting as per Punjab Government Rules of Business 2011 shall exercise their powers on the following grounds:
  3. Administrative Grounds
  4. Against vacant posts
  5. Operational necessity
  6. The Competent Authority keeping in view the requests for transfers/postings of ministerial cadres posts and other non-teaching staff up to BS-16 have decided that DEA’s may transfer the aforementioned categories under the following terms & conditions:-
  7. One-time transfer of disabled, widow, divorced, married (wedlock basis/male/female) may be allowed against vacancy. Furthermore, postings/transfer due to any other ailment which hinders the mobility (verified by the medical board) may also be allowed.
  8. No transfer shall be made on disciplinary or administrative grounds except coupled with inquiry under PEEDA Act, 2006.

Transferring Authorities within District

Basic ScaleTransferring Authorities
BS-1 to 16CEO, DEA
BS – 17Administrator (DEA)
Within Division Inter-District Transferring Authorities
Basic ScaleTransferring Authorities
BS-1 to 16DPI (EE)
BS – 17-18DPI (SE)

Inter-Divisional Transferring Authorities:

Basic ScaleTransferring Authorities
BS-1 to 16DPI (EE)
BS – 17-18DPI (SE)

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