Voluntary Retirement of Government Servant 2021 Notification

The notification of Voluntary Retirement of Government Servant 2021 has been uploaded on the Finance Department official website ( www.finance.gov.pk ). According to the conclusion of notification is to apply for retirement after 25 years of Government service, you are applicable to get pension. The more details written in the letter is given below;

What is the Rule of Voluntary Retirement 2021

The undersigned is directed to refer to Para 5 of this Division O.H.No.OB.2/63-IMP(I), dated 18.08.1966 according to which the right to seek voluntary retirement accrues to a Government servant after he has completed 25 years of qualifying service for pension.

A number of cases have come to the notice of this Division in which it was found, after such an application for retirement under Para 5 of the O.M. referred to above had been submitted and accepted by the competent authority and the government servant had actually retired, that the 25 years qualifying service for a pension had not been rendered e.g. the period of extra-ordinary leave had not been excluded from service.

As such the government servant became altogether ineligible for pension, which caused hardship. In order to avoid recurrence of such cases further and to avoid resultant hardship to the retired Government servant concerned. It has been decided that the application for retirement after completion of 25 years qualifying service must be accompanied by particular as in the enclosed form. These particulars are based on the pension application Form and are intended for the purpose of calculating qualifying service.

On receipt of the application, the head of the Department should arrange verification of the qualifying service by the Audit officer within one month from the date of the receipt of the application before orders of retirement are passed.

Voluntary Retirement of Government Servant 2021 Notification

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